Why go here:

For the interactive, touch screen tables that allow you to order dishes from your seat, play games while you wait for the food to arrive(great distraction for awkward dates) and even order a cab and find nearby bars!


Touchscreen tables you can play games on!

The food:

Inamo serves fusion food, wih primarily Japanese flavours. For starters, we ordered the Seared Salmon Maki and the Hosomaki. The latter was good but the blow-torched salmon in the former wasn’t as flavourful as we’d imagined, most likely due to the fish not being quite as fresh.


Seared Salmon Maki

For mains, we got the Rainbow Trout with Yuzu and the  Berkshire Pork Neck. For those that haven’t had Yuzu before but enjoy experimenting like us, a warning:- Yuzu, the special ingredient of the dish is a rare and expensive citrus fruit which happens to be so sour, it heavily dominates the rest of the dish and the completely masks the flavour of the rainbow trout.


Rainbow Trout with Yuzu

The flavours in the pork neck dish on the other hand, were beautiful.   The spicy chocolate sauce complements the succulent grilled pork meat very well and the contrast offered by the crushed wasabi peas helps enhance the sweetness of the meat.


Pork Neck with chocolate sauce and wasabi peas


A must visit, if not for the fusion Japanese then for the unique experience. Great place to take a date or family members since you’re guaranteed that there won’t be a moment of boredom!


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