Milk and Honey

Why go here:

It used to be a member’s only club, that has now opened doors to all that are willing to follow the house rules. Some of my favourite rules include no ‘star fucking’ and women being asked to ignore all unfamiliar men. If all this doesn’t make it intriguing enough for you, perhaps knowing that it has been lauded as London’s best cocktail bar, will.

What it looks like:

Like every speakeasy, Milk & Honey makes sure its entrance is as inconspicuous as it could be. A plain grey metal door next to a busy pub just off the corner on Poland Street, there’s no sign and no bouncers. You simply ring a buzzer, tell them your full name (they insist on addressing you by your second name, so there’s no hiding your Facebook profiles from your dates) and are let in and led up the stairs by waiters who could well be your butlers, in the manner they address and treat you. There is a small rooftop bar but I prefered the cosy, low-ceiling, candle-lit Red Lounge which has a very intimate feel to it.

The Drinks:

Their cocktails, as mentioned above, are award-winning and rightly so. They do the classics really well and the modern twists on them even better. Of all the drinks I had (more honestly, can remember having), my favourite was the Pisco Punch. In the past, I have found champagne cocktails to always use overly delicate flavours such that I can taste not much beyond the bubbly. Here, however, the sweetness of the pineapple and the Pisco (Peruvian brandy) were the leading flavours, with the champagne bubbles there to add just an extra dimension for your tongue to enjoy.

Additionally, the table service was probably the best I have ever had- they were there to take our orders exactly before we’d reach the last sips.



One of London’s best speakeasies. Go there, follow their house rules, flirt with the cute waiters and enjoy their classy cocktails till  3 am – yes, it IS open till that late. So you really have no excuse not to go, unless of course you fail to find the door…


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