Cabana Brasilian Barbeque

Why go here:

If you’re looking for Brasilian BBQ but looking for an al-a-carte style meal with manageable portions instead of the infinite buffet style used in most other Brasilian places, this is the restaurant to go to!

What it looks like:

The Stratford branch is somewhere between a cool wooden shack and a warehouse, with postered walls, overhead lighting using spiky baubles and footlong chains making up curtains. Relaxed, easy going feel overall.

2014-02-24 19.53.49

The food:

My Pork Tenderloin dish was tender and well-marinated with chimichurri sauce. The melting, golden parmesan crust on top balanced the heat from the chimichurri while adding to the texture. The Picanha Burger is one of the most eats if you visit this joint- juicy Brasilian steak with chilli mayo and black beans and the extra of pulled pork is highly recommended!

2014-02-24 20.17.12

Our side of cassava chips went well with both dishes.

2014-02-24 20.15.36

My drink was a Guarana Antartica, Brazil’s version of Pepsi/Red Bull apparently, which unfortunately was too bland for my liking. But fear not, the place has a very good range of cocktails, of which the fruity cahaca ones (hint: the Red Tail Parrot) are really refreshing.

2014-02-24 20.04.55


Go if you’re looking for well done, not-too-spicy yet flavoursome Brasilian dishes in a laid back setting. But if you have a massive appetite, a traditional buffet style Brazilean restaurant might be a better deal for you.


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