Cay Tre

Why go here:

For contemporary Vietnamese in smart settings in the heart of Soho.

What it looks like:

Reflecting the standard layout of most modern Soho eateries, the place has an array of square tables for the diners with stools added to the bar for those in a hurry or eating solo.

The food:

I went with some colleagues and we decided to order the set menu. The Chilli Salt & Pepper squid and the wild shrimp rolls were very delish and cleared off within seconds.



For main course, I had the slow cooked mekong catfish. The fish was soft and flaky and the flavours were delectable.Be careful with the drinks though. The wine we ordered racked up the bill to be almost thrice what the food alone would have cost!

2014-08-01 22.10.11


Great place if you’re craving some fresh and tasty Vietnamese dished up in imaginative combinations. The fast service and bar seating make it perfect for a business lunch and for solo eaters.


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