Lotus Floating Restaurant

Why go here:

To enjoy some of the best dimsums on offer in London while all surrounded by calm waters and tall skyscrapers.

What it looks like:

The restaurant is certainly one of a kind when it comes to looks. Unlike most other venues I’ve eaten at, this one’s not on land at all – it is situated on a barge floating right in the middle of a beautiful waterway. And the wide, all-glassy windows mean that even while you’re inside eating your meal, you don’t confuse the stable barge for a boring street side venue because the clear water and the reflections of the sun and the skyscrapers in it will be dazzling right back at you.


The food:

The restaurant is famous for its dimsums, so my friend and I decided to a dimsum only lunch.  We might have slightly over-ordered for two people, as you’ll see below.


While there wasn’t a single dimsum that I didn’t gobble up instantly and that didn’t meet my standards, there were a few which were just so delicious, I could keep eating them even though I had space for less than a drop of water in my belly.

Steamed Seafood and pork dumpling-  The herbal hint in this dumpling enhances the flavour of the seafood and the pork adds to the bite.

Char Siu Pork Bun – The bun was warm and light and the gooey sweet and saucy pork filling inside made these buns irresistible!

Glutinous rice in lotus leaves – I loved that this dish is of a bigger portion size since I certainly treasured being able to eat it for longer. The sticky rice basking in the smoky sweet flavour of the lotus leaves was oh so delectable.

Crispy bean curd and prawn Cheung Fun- I have always been a fan of the lovely textures of the noodle rolls in a Cheung Fun, but the crispy yet creamy fillings in this variant of the dish make the dish a must have!


Delicious dimsums and gorgeous views (cue: go around sunset for an even more spectacular experience) make the experience of dining in this barge a must-try for all you dimsum lovers out there. And certainly, a much more romantic option for those of you planning to take your lady out to some boring eatery in Chinatown.


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