Happiness Forgets

Why go here:

For the well-crafted cocktails and for the speakeasy experience. It helps that the entrance isn’t as hard to find as for most other speakeasies.

What it looks like:

You go down some narrow stairs to this dimly lit basement in Hoxton. The place is small yet cosy with lots of wooden benches so you’ll be sitting squished right into your date – that may or may not be a good thing. The background music is jazzy and the lighting is oriental red. You could also choose to sit at the bar to speak to the very amiable and talented mixologists.


The drinks:

The menu is short but the choices are varied enough to tick the fancy of even the hippest of cocktail snobs. Most of their cocktails have atleast 5 different components including 2 or 3 different liqueurs. So, if you’re not sure of what to order just ask the staff. I like sweeter drinks and was recommended the Dirty Sanchez which includes port, rum, sherry, banana liqueur and more, which lived very much upto the mark.



Contrary to the name, you are likely to leave feeling happy and if there’s anything you forget, it’ll only be your name since it’s likely that you’ll have more of these superb cocktails than you intended to.


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