Bone Daddies

Why go here:

If you like ramen, this is one of the best places to have it in London. If you haven’t had ramen before, you must make a trip to this restaurant and you’ll no doubt be converted to a devotee.

What it looks like:

The place is quite small and works on a no-reservations basis, hence expect to queue for a while. But service is fast and the high stool seating as well as the lack of a bar mean that this isn’t a venue where people would eat and chat for hours, so you will  certainly get in under half an hour in most cases. The decor is rock inspired and so is the music. Oh, and they have bibs for those that might be worried of spilling their ramen broth onto their clothes. I think they are a great idea since the ramen is pretty tricky to eat without the spilling and splashing.

The food:

We tried two of the highly recommended dishes- Tonkotsu Ramen which uses a base broth made using pork slowly cooked for 20 hours and the Tantenmen, a sesame flavoured chicken broth. Both of the ramens lived up to the hype- the broth was creamy, the noodles were thick and bursting with flavours of sesame oil, spring onion and garlic and the eggs on top were just the right level of runny.



Due to the queuing, the stool-only seating and the loud rock music, this is probably not the place to take your mum or your first date but it’s perfect if you’re out for a meal with your friends or on one of the later dates or even if you’re dining solo. This is one of the most authentic ramen bars in London and is a must try for all noodle lovers out there!


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