Lima Floral

Why go here:

Sister restaurant of the Lima, the first Michelin star Peruvian in Europe. So, you get lower prices but closely matched quality and innovation in the food.

What it looks like:

The place looks like a bistro in a navy blue and white theme and with a mural adorning one of the walls to add that Latin American touch.


The food:

While London has quite a few noteworthy Peruvian restaurants, Lima Floral stands out because the focus of the menu is on the use of South American ingredients rather than on the standard Peruvian style of cooking such as with ceviches and anticuchos. You’ll instead find twists on European dishes through the use of exotic vegetables and herbs. The lamb rump came with fluffy ‘eco dry potatoes’, black quinoa flavoured with the Huacatay herb and fresh Latin American cheese! The potatoes were definitely the star component for me.


The sea bass ceviche with sweet potato and hot tiger’s milk was a welcome variation to the chilled raw seafood ceviche I’d had before and very beautifully presented too.



If you are looking to try Peruvian food made using real Peruvian ingredients incorporated into contemporary  European dishes then this is the place to go. However, if this is the first time you’re planning to have Peruvian, it might be better to start with one of the more traditional Peruvian eateries to get better introduced to the flavours before moving onto the more subtly Peruvian dishes at Lima.


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