Steam and Rye

Why go here:

It’s a one of a kind – there’s cabaret, railway carriage seating and a mechanical bull. The cocktails are pretty jazzy too. Oh, and it’s set up by model and actress Kelly Brook.

What it looks like:

Walking into the bar is a bit like walking into a movie set- very decadent and inspired by 1940s New York. Modelled on the New York Grand Central Station, there is a staircase leading to the mezzanine where you’ll find cabaret dancers performing. It’s all very Gatsby-style.

The drinks:

My ‘Mississippi Lullaby’ was made of a fruity lychee liqueur, peach and rum combo but what made the drink really stand out was the fire. Yes, the drink was literally on fire. Definitely one to have earlier in the night rather than later when you run a greater risk of burning your hair while downing your drink.

2014-01-18 21.12.44

2014-01-18 21.54.49

The Monika Lewinsky was basically alcoholic ice cream while the ‘Mazie Balls came with caramel popcorn syrup and in a popcorn carton.

2014-01-19 00.23.03

The food served here is American style and the steak is supposed to be very good, but we never go to the food, so I’m unable to fairly comment on it.


The cocktails are mostly sweet, so those looking for sharp clean martinis should probably choose elsewhere. But for those like me who love unique combinations, flashy presentations and drinks that are so-sweet-you-can’t-taste-the-alcohol, this is the place to go. Plus, where else are you going to get a mechanical bull and Gatsby-esque performances thrown in for free.


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