Why go here:

This place got the award for the Best Independent Fish and Chips Restaurant in the U..K. The CEO of London’s popular Timeout magazine, which publishes reviews of all old and new things on offer in London, also declared it to be his favourite fish and chip joint. Surely you must be curious to check out if it is worth all this hype after all.

What it looks like:

Full of British knick-knack – vintage posters, a mini telephone booth and a jukebox help recreate the 1940s look when Poppies was first established. The waitresses were in red, Polka-dotted diner style outfits and headscarves. And if you choose to takeaway, you get served in faux newspaper cones!

1189 1190

The food:

The fish is sourced daily from the Billingsgate market and you can taste the freshness. The batter was light and crisp and therefore didn’t overpower the taste of the fresh, flaky fish. The fries were chunky and the calamari had a good bite without being tough and chewy. While they do also serve some chicken dishes, their expertise lies in the fish. My Victorian lemonade was sweet and refreshing and was a great accompaniment to the fried fish – more places should offer the combo of lemonade with fish and chips.



This place transports you back in time to a fish and chippy from the 1940s and offers some of the best quality fish and chips you can get in London without compromising on the prices.


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