Dock Seafood Restaurant

Why go here:

This is one of very few places in London that specialises in gourmet seafood. Also, the place has an intensive, well-matched wine list.

What it looks like:

The small, white two-storey restaurant situated right opposite the Canary Wharf Hilton has a clean and sleek decor. I recommend sitting on the first floor with the all glass walls overlooking the skyscrapers in the neighbourhood. Due to the restaurant being off the beaten track, if you get there early on in the evening, you should be able to secure seats right by the window.

The food:

The menu changes every few months but the dishes are always elaborate, with multiple elements and are beautifully presented.

My starter of pancetta wrapped scallops was my favourite dish of the night. The scallops were fresh and juicy and the cauliflower puree was utterly smooth and creamy.


The sea bass for my mains was served with barley risotto and laced with truffle foam. The garlic shrimps on the side added further to the texture. But I do feel that the excellently done sides did detract a bit from the main component, i.e. the sea bass, and specially because the latter is quite a delicately flavoured fish.


The coconut and almond Panna Cotta was a real treat to the eyes. But while it did taste great, I did feel a bit disappointed in the lack of experiment with the dessert offerings.



If you like seafood and are bored of the standard fried or steamed fish dishes, this place to go!


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