Le Garrick

Why go here:

It’s an Italian bistro serving regional French food inspired by the cooking in Toulouse and Burgundy.

What it looks like:

Situated in Covent Garden, the restaurant has 2 floors- the upstairs is breezy and with large windows offering you to observe the bustle of the heart of London. The downstairs, on the other hand, feels almost like eating in wine cellars with the all-encompassing brick walls, the low ceiling, the candle lit tables and of course, an extensive menu of good French wines.

The food:

The dishes are all supposed to be traditional and based primarily on South-Western French cuisine. For starters, I had the Cassoulet, a ‘basque style’ preparation of calamari where its seared in the pan with ginger, chillies and coriander. The calamari could have been a bit more tender but the sauce was very flavoursome and buttery. In fact, I am going to find it hard to go back to enjoying plain-old deep fried calamari rings having seen calamari in this all new light.

IMG_5562 (1)

My main course, supposed to be a Toulouse speciality, was a hearty dish consisting of Duck Confit served with lingot beans which were cooked with pork belly and local varieties of French sausages.



The service was friendly and attentive but a bit slow. We waited about half an hour between main course and dessert but it was well worth the wait. Our dessert was a Chocolate Fondant, which was warm, rich and with a very gooey inside that just made my heart melt. And it was all served with a generous scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. Yum!



Great location, very good ambience and well prepared traditional French food, all at affordable prices, make this place perfect for a date or for that cosy dinner with the family.


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