Why go here:

It is the sister restaurant to Machneyuda, one of Jerusalem’s best, hippest restaurants. Also, it is one of London’s only restaurants serving modern Israeli food.

What it looks like:

You can choose to be seated at the bar counter where you can get to see the chefs, who are all seemingly young, at work and apparently you may also get to do shots with them.


We decided to go for the dining room with the leather banquettes because it had a bit more room and we wouldn’t have to worry about elbowing the other guests while eating. However, due to the popularity of the place the tables are packed quite close together and we could almost hear the people sat at the tables next to us. We might as well as have sat at the bar and gotten to see the young chefs at work..


The food:

I recommend you to order the small plates and share so you can get to try as many of these little plates of creativity and deliciousness as possible. As per recommendation from our friendly waiter, we ordered the Kubaneh, a light fluffy buttery bread baked in a little pot which came with a fresh silky Tahini and a gazpacho like tomato puree.


Next we has the creamy Polenta, Jersumalem style. It was flavoured with truffle oil and dished with plenty of parmesan, mushrooms and asparagus. The polenta, unlike any I’d had before, was more creamy than cake-y and the truffle made it every bit more indulgent. And it all came in a tiny steel casserole, which I really wish larger, since I could have definitely eaten more of this dish.

photo 3

The Salmon Tartare was an interesting take on the classic dish with added yoghurt, pine nuts and tahini and served with two, very different but both delicious aubergine purees.


The Shakshukit i.e. the deconstructed Kebab was also done very well and involved minced meat fried and served with an array of vibrant sauces and freshly made, traditional Israeli pita.


While portion sizes might make you a bit sulky, this place is a must try for all people out there who wanted to experience Tel Aviv in London and get a taste of the exciting flavours modern Israeli cooking offers.


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