Pizza East

Why go here:

To try gourmet pizza – and no, Pizza Express doesn’t count as gourmet.

What it looks like:

The restaurant is in a warehouse with bare bricked walls, wooden benches and dimly lit. I was pleasantly surprised when I happened to wander downstairs to the toilets, to find their very own photo booths – free for you to use!

The waiters were friendly, tattooed hipsters but there were not as many of them considering how busy the place was, causing the service to be quite slow.

The food:

Before we tucked into pizzas, we decided to try some of their antipasti and this was definitely one of our best decisions of the day. The Jerusalem Artichoke dish and the Chilli, Almond Broccoli salad were so flavoursome, I could have easily had more of them instead of moving onto pizza at all.

But, I didn’t want to miss out on what Pizza East promises to do best.  So I did end up ordering the Butternut Squash and Fontina Pizza. Being seated at the bar counter had the advantage of getting to see the chefs do their magic with the pizzas – expertly rolling out the dough, sprinkling on all the freshly prepared toppings and the cheese and smoothly sliding them into the clay oven. It was almost like a factory process with the timings of the chefs perfectly coordinated to maximise the pizzas being dished out every minute.


Having witnessed your pizza being prepared really does impact your patience in waiting to get to eat it. When my pizza finally arrived, I devoured it in seconds. The butternut squash was sweet and the base had the right thickness and crunch. My only complain would have to be the amount of cheese- this might be me being greedy but I did feel that my pizza was almost too healthy. Although, this might have been my choice of pizza because my friend had less of this issue with her Veal meatballs, Prosciutto and Cream pizza.



Next time you get a girl joking about getting pizza for a dinner date, surprise her by taking her to Pizza East. Pizza doesn’t get any more gourmet and fun than this.


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