Plum + Split Milk

Why go here:

Gourmet dining option situated in the heart of King’s Cross station.

What it looks like:

The restaurant has received an award for the Best Interior Design and it definitely succeeds in making an impression within seconds of walking in. There is a wavy, leather couch running along the length of the restaurant which is ideal for individuals and couples as well as smaller semi-arched couches for bigger groups. There are several, panelled floor-to-ceiling windows and statement chandeliers resembling hundreds of wine glasses strung together with fairy lights.


The food:

The menu is quintessentially British and offers a mix of simple and elaborate dishes so you can either enjoy a quick-lunch if you’re waiting to get on that next train or have a long & relaxed, sophisticated dinner.


I turned up for a quick-lunch prior to my train to Cambridge and opted for one of the Plum + Split Milk classics- the Dressed Dorset Crab and true to promise, the dish was presented to me within 10 minutes of ordering and what a beautiful presentation it was! A crab shell had been washed and dried out and was used as the serving dish.  The freshly dressed crab meat was melt-in-your-mouth and served with homemade sourdough bread and garlic aioli. This was certainly exemplary of a simple dish being executed well.


While they didn’t have a menu for hot beverages, they readily whipped up a rich hot chocolate for me. Service was overall very good and the staff were paying a lot of attention to each guest and was fast without compromising on quality.


For all solo or bored travellers, make sure to give this place a visit next time you’re stuck waiting for a train in King’s Cross, instead of opting for that usual Pret sandwich. Quality British food served in lavish settings less than 100 metres from the station, makes this the perfect destination to hang out in between trains for all the foodies out there.


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