Why go here:

Authentic Italian food in a candlelit underground cellar in the centre of London.

What it looks like:

Located in the West-End, the restaurant had two floors- a street level standard cafe-style eatery and the basement level cellar. The latter comprises of stone walls, candles, low ceilings and an extensive wine collection. You can see why it’s popular amongst couples.



The food:

We started with the crepes filled with ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and porchini mushrooms served with a red pepper coulis. The crepes were soft and the filling was gooey and delicious.

For mains, I had the tortellini with roast pumpkin, ricotta and nutmeg in a butter and sage sauce, all topped with pomegranate seeds and rocket. The tortellini was freshly made and the combination of pumpkin & sage was warm and earthy.


The tiramisu we ordered was the only disappointing aspect of the meal. The biscuit base was a bit soggy and the only strawberry used for the presentation was a bit too large and had slipped off the top, causing the tiramisu’s shape to be a bit distorted.



This place is good if you wish to try fresh, authentic handmade pastas. Worth going to for a date – the dimly-lit cellar is ideal for couples that are into the whole ‘quiet-and-segregated-in-an-underground-tunnel-with-food-n-booze’ kind of thing.


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