Bocca di Lupo

Why go here:

To try Modern Italian dishes inspired by different regions of Italy. Also, this restaurant is consistently ranked as one of London’s best Italian restaurants.

What it looks like:

Situated right in the heart of Soho, the restaurant has seating at the marble bar which is perfect for people watching if you’re by the windows or you can choose to sit in the formal dining area with an all wooden decor and lots of paintings of food all around.


The food:

The dishes are supposed to made of ingredients sourced either from Italy or prepared in-house such as with the breads, sausages, pastas and pickles. All the dishes come in small or large sizes so you can choose to have a tapas style or a standard 3 course meal. We opted for the tapas style because there were too many dishes that we liked the look of on the menu.

We started with the Radish, Celeriac, Pomegranate and Pecorino salad, the signature dish of the restaurant and rightly so. The paper-thin slices of celeriac and radish were crunchy and sweet and the lashings of truffle dressing really made this salad into an indulgent dish. The pecorino cheese slabs added to the bite and enhanced the flavour of the truffle further.


Next we had the White Polenta and Brown Shrimps cooked in brown butter and lemon. This simple sounding dish was surprisingly delectable and probably my favourite dish of the meal. The polenta was silky smooth and the sweet, crispy and buttery shrimps made an unbeatable combo with it.


The Guinea Fowl with grilled panzanella, peas, beans and rocket came in a tasty, garlic-y sauce made with the juices of the grilled fowl, tomatoes and wine.


From the seafood section, we opted for the Skate fish in crazy water. The fish was white, meaty and fresh and had only one bone down the middle and was partenered with a tomato broth with chunky onions, capers, olives and leeks, which was very rustic and toothsome.


To finish, we ordered the Caffe Alla Nocciola- a sweetened, Hazelnut-flavoured, utterly creamy coffee which was brought to us on the house!



Every dish at Bocca di Lupo is of superb quality, with authentic & freshly-sourced or in-house ingredients and very enjoyable. It goes to show that Italian cuisine stretches so much beyond linguines and lasagne. This place is a must try for all foodies out there that like Italian- this is modern Italian at its best.


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