Why go here:

To enjoy some comfort British food in a ‘barnyard’!

What it looks like:

As you’d have guessed from the name and the tagline above, the place has been made to look like a barnyard- wooden and corrugated iron walls, rickety tables, fences and even a tree can be found adorning the venue. The servers in their lumberjack shirts were friendly and attentive- just as you’d expect if you were dining at your local farmer’s!IMG_9414  IMG_9402

The food:

Dishes are supposed to be simple and hearty but they all come in small portion sizes, so you are advised to order two or more plates per person. We ordered a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes which all arrived at about the same time. The best of the veggie ones for me was the charred broccoli vinaigrette.


The broccoli chunks were charcoal grilled and drizzled on with a tangy, lemony dressing which helped balance the richness of some of the greasier dishes we’d ordered such as the chicken wings. These were light and crispy and had a subtle hint of paprika, garlic and lemon. My complain with it was, however, that the coating seemed a bit too thin and also a bit too greasy. Unfortunately, KFC would win here for me.


The suckling pig with caraway and celeriac was much better – super crispy crackling with soft and tender meat underneath. The chicory salad with lovage, mint and lemon was fresh and the taste of lovage lingers on your tongue for a while. The cauliflour cheese failed to impress on account of not having enough of the cheese sauce.

IMG_9404  IMG_9406

Moving onto desserts, the popcorn ice cream which came with a pot of heavenly fudge ice cream was an absolute winner. The crunchy popcorn, milky ice cream and gooey fudge formed a concoction of amaing tastes and textures.


The apple and cloudberry crumble was also done well- satisfying, homely goodness.



This is comfort British food done well, although some of the dishes like the cauliflower cheese are certainly still better at your Grandma’s. The barnyard themed venue and the friendly ‘farmers’ serving you do really make up for it though and  make the place definitely worth a try.


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