Bull in a China Shop

Why go here:

For rotisserie chicken and excellent whisky based cocktails.

What it looks like:

The restaurant has the Shoreditch hipster vibe in combination with an oriental influence. Geisha wall art, giant chess pieces and medicine bottles adorn the venue. But most exciting of all is the extensive array of whiskies on display at the bar- the restaurant has a collection of over 30 different Japanese scotch whiskies.


The food:

The menu is short but with some very tempting offerings. We start with the cauliflower cheese fritters. The gooey mix in the crispy batter is artery clogging, yet too good to put down.


For mains, I was intent on having the rotisserie chicken, but to my dismay the restaurant had run out of it which meant I had to settle for the next best on the menu. The crispy, panko-crusted chicken with a radish mayo sandwiched in pitch-black, charcoal brioche buns. Despite the stark contrast in colors, the buns taste just like regular brioche buns which was slightly disappointing. That said, the burger still taste pretty damn good. The spicy radish mayo adds a nice kick to the sweetness of the brioche and chicken was crispy and succulent.


The lentil curry with sweet potatoes was a comforting, yet felt too-healthy and not as great on the looks aspect as the other dishes.


But the place does really excel with its whisky cocktails which ranged from the standard Old-Fashioned to the unusual Wabi-Sabi which included Matcha green tea syrup and walnut bitters.



The place is a must try for any whisky lovers out there. It helps that the food is also pretty inventive and done well.  Perfect for grabbing a quick bite before your Shoreditch night-out.


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