Why go here:

For Peruvian seafood, skewers and Pisco cocktails at London’s oldest Peruvian restaurant.

What’s it looks like:

Located in an old Soho house, the restaurant offers seating in the dining area or at their steel counter bar where you can see the chefs at work. The space is decked with tiled walls, green paneling and plentiful Peruvian posters and photographs.

The food:

We start off with Bombas de Tiempo, a plate of cheesy balls with a speck of sweet and tangy quince jelly inside and served with an Amarillo chilli sour cream.


Next we tried the famous Don Ceviche from the ceviche bar. This is one of their most popular ceviches with chunks of sea bass in tiger’s milk, a punchy marinade of lime and chilli, and topped with a citrusy red onion salad. Moving onto mains, my friend opted for the grilled beef fillet with plantain fritters, all drizzled a sticky, BBQ like sauce spiked with blood orange.


I opted for the Jalea steamed buns which came stuffed with deep fried salmon and sea bass. The dish was brought together with a beautiful salsa criolla made of  peppers, red onions, potatoes and fresh cilantro and drizzled over with a chilli sour cream. The paper thin slices of fish were crisp and delicious and I was enjoying them so much that I ended up picking them out and was left eating the buns with the salsa only, still quite a fun combo.


Finally onto dessert, we got the Rocoto Pepper Panna Cotta, with sweet potato coulis and quinoa crisp. The waiter had warned me that I might find this dessert spicy but I can assure you that it is far from spicy. The Panna Cotta was absolutely divine with the sweetness of the vanilla and cream balancing the mild heat of the pepper.


The sweet potato coulis is a wonderful complement that they need to start serving with more desserts!


Anyone looking to try classic, superb quality Peruvian food, especially the trademark ceviches should definitely make a trip down to this place. If you didn’t book a place in advance, I’d recommend you to grab a pisco cocktail or two at the bar while you wait because these are absolutely tongue-tantalising.


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