Dean Street Townhouse

Why go here:

To enjoy British classics served in lavish settings inspired by the Georgian era.

What it looks like:

Part of a five storey hotel, the dining room makes you feel like you’ve travelled back in time to the grand era of the Georgians. A long dark bar, leather banquettes, vintage candelabras and velvet cushions. Due to the bar being adjacent to the dining area, it can get quite loud but watching the shenanigans at the bar is the added benefit.

IMG_0222 IMG_0223

The food:

The dishes are all British classics- from roast chicken with stuffing to fish and chips, they have it all covered. I start off with the twice baked haddock soufflé which arrives looking like the biggest soufflé I have ever seen! The taste is equally impressive- light yet indulgent, with the hint of haddock and an accompanying zesty, buttery sauce.  The dish feels so indulgent, I felt almost guilty eating it, as I’d feel tucking into a creamy chocolate cake.


For mains, I opted for the spring lamb with artichoke and broad beans. The lamb, although rarer than I usually opt for, was tender and juicy. The side of beans and artichoke complemented the meat well, without dominating the dish. This was a pleasant change to what I observe at a lot of popular restaurants these days, where there seem to be more greens on my dish than the meat which in turn can make the price tag of the dish seem unjust.


For dessert, we tucked into a classic treacle tart which came with a dollop of fresh clotted cream. Treacle tart is one of my favourite  British desserts and brings back memories of fun dinners at my university, but this dish was miles apart from what I have had before. The pastry was super thin and crisp and the filling was smooth and silky, yet managed to feel light and fluffy.


Service was polite but slow. We waited for more than half an hour to even get the menu and there were quite significant delays between the different courses. The restaurant was quite busy, to be fair yet there did also seem to be quite a few waiters. Hence, the slow pace wasn’t quite justified.


If you’re a fan of traditional British food, this place is a must try, If not, this might be one of those places that could change your mind. The extravagant settings, comparatively reasonable prices and the happy buzz from the diners and drinks definitely all make the experience worth it.


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