Heddon Street Kitchen

Why go here:

If you want to have a pocket friendly 3 course meal at a Gordon Ramsay establishment.

What does it look like:

Spread across two floors, the restaurant has a slightly industrial feel to it with the exposed pipes, the uniformly sized wall hangings camouflaged into the walls and the all black seating.

IMG_0235  IMG_0257

The food:

We opted for the pre-theatre menu since it offers three courses for the price of one on the al-a-carte menu.

For starters, I opted for the smoked haddock and salmon fishcake which had the right balance of creamy and zesty.


My friend’s starter of asparagus with parma ham, hollandaise and parmesan was good but was too simple. I find it hard to find a dish impressive if it is so easy that I can make it myself at home, except for the hollandaise I guess.


Moving onto the mains, I ordered the wood-oven roasted trout with a caper and watercress salad. The fish was pink, fresh and crisp-skinned but the salad felt too leafy. A salad with more body would have made so much difference to the taste and texture of the dish.


My friend got the rigatoni pasta dish which was cooked perfectly and the roast pepper sauce with it was aromatic but the ricotta, as promised on the menu, was undetectable. The only hint of cheese was the sprinkle of parmesan on top.


For dessert, my friend definitely made the better choice with the pineapple carpaccio. The pineapple slices were chargrilled and then dipped in passionfruit coulis, served with a dollop of fresh coconut sorbet. A light and refreshing way to end the meal.


My dessert on the other hand, was of ordinary vanilla ice-cream topped with just  a handful of walnuts and some caramel sauce. Utter disappointment.


The set menu might be cheaper but you’ll definitely be better of getting dishes from the al-a-carte menu. The dishes aren’t as innovative as at Ramsay’s other restaurants but a lot of them are enjoyable mainly due to the use of high quality ingredients and because the kitchen staff does have talent. Shame the menu doesn’t give the chefs many opportunities to showcase this talent.


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