Hoi Polloi

Why go here:

All day modern brasserie housed in the Ace Hotel, sister restaurant of the famous New York hotel chain. This restaurant offers musical performance at the piano and the violin every Sunday.

What it looks like:

It might take you a while to find the entrance if you didn’t know that it was through this little flower shop on the high street. Going in through the tiny door, you emerge into a spacious venue which resembles a modern canteen with the wooden paneling, the long communal tables and the staff dressed up in matching jumpers and sneakers. The menu looks more like a newspaper with a page dedicated to the each of the different meals of the day- breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails and snacks.

IMG_9420 IMG_9418

The food:

We went on a Sunday morning and opted for some classic breakfast options. The avocado and poached eggs was a simple dish done to perfection- the avocado had a nice hint of chilli and lime and the poached egg was so smooth, it could have been a ball of mozzarella!


The Pancakes with blueberries was an equally successful dish with the soft, fluffy pancakes drizzled with warm blueberry compote and topped with a very generous dollop of mascarpone.


My only complaint would be that the pancakes were too big and there were about five or six of them, which meant that there wasn’t enough of the delicious blueberry sauce to coat them all in. We also tried some of the healthy shakes on offer. Cacao Shaker made with raw cacao, avocado, almond milk, dates and coconut oil was yummy but could constitute a meal by itself.


Hoi Polloi might attract more of the young and hip clientele but the food, service and the all-day menu are bound to tick the boxes for people of all ages and interests. The music performances, healthy shakes and the cute uniform clad waiters are definitely the things to most watch out for!


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