Iberica Terraza

Why go here:

To enjoy tapas in a relaxed al-fresco settings in Canary Wharf

What it looks like:

The restaurant is set in Cabot Square, fenced in by man-made waterfalls and floral shrubbery and seating all under cool, shady trees.

IMG_0162 IMG_0163

The food:

I found the selection of tapas to be a bit lacking in variety and creativity. The dishes centred more around the use of eggs, home-made breads and cheese instead of meats and seafood, which was personally, a bit disappointing.

I started with the Tortilla which was nice and fluffy and served with a streak of chives and cream.


Next came the Huevos rotos, i.e. fried eggs with chips and Iberico ham. The ham was of really good quality but I found the dish too big to enjoy as a tapas- this is definitely more of a Spanish breakfast spread.


Next came a selection of pinchos:-  spiced anchovy & cheese served on a bed of relish on toast and a prawn & cheese-stuffed mushroom with roast garlic sauce. Both were delightful and well-presented and my favorite items on the menu.

IMG_0167  IMG_0166

Service was a bit patchy with my dishes arriving at very different times and in no particular order.


The settings are wonderful for summer time dining. They don’t have as extensive choice of tapas as I’ve seen  at some of London’s other Spanish eateries but the ingredients used are all fresh and of very high quality. Great place for brunch if you’re craving something different to the standard English fry-up : the bocadillos or the huevos rotos would be perfect!


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