Newman Street Tavern

Why go here:

For modern British cuisine, focusing on the use of high quality local produce and lots of exciting, under-utilized ingredients.

What it looks like:

The restaurant has a cosy, country house feel to it.  The place is decked with wall-prints themed on food and farming and has velvety blue and pink upholstery. Although the name of the place and the look on the outside give the appearance that the place is more like some rural pub, the interiors are charming, the service efficient and friendly and the food much more carefully and expertly prepared than a pub.


The food:

We start off with the Coddled Duck Egg dish and the Truffled Goat’s Curd. The duck egg came with a plateful of herbed New Jerseys and lots of fresh mushrooms. A whole-n-hearty dish.


Yet the truffled goat’s cheese was much more of an impressive dish in my opinion- the texture of fresh clotted cream, a mild hint of goat’s cheese and every bit decadent.


The sea gull egg which I ordered purely out of curiosity was my disappointment in the meal because other than the bright green shell and the extra orange yolk, the egg was identical to your everyday supermarket egg. Not worth the price tag at all.


For mains, I opted for the ray fish which was as much of a treat to the eyes as the tastebuds.


Newman Street Tavern is about the use of high-quality and often unusual ingredients to add a welcome twist to many British classics. The attention to detail is obvious from not just the cooking, but also the décor of the venue as well as the service. All this make the place well worth a visit. It helps that the restaurant is situated right next to Oxford circus, so it’s a great location for a long boozy brunch or a quick lunch, depending on how crowded the Oxford Circus shops are and how into shopping you are.


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