Why go here:

If you love mozzarella and want to try some freshly-made authentic Italian mozzarella.

What it looks like:

The Canary Wharf branch is right next to the station and is set in the middle of the corridor of the Wintergarden building. I always felt that they could have chosen a slightly less conspicuous space. Yet somehow when you’re dining here, the slightly elevated platform and the massive central bar ensure a decent amount of segregation from the humdrum of the commuters.

The food:

Contrary to my belief, Obica doesn’t just serve dishes with mozzarella. There is a section dedicated to the cheese though- extra creamy, smoked and standard versions available in mini, medium and giant portion sizes. We opted for the smoked version. The mozzarella was visible fresh and delicious but the smoky flavor was  quite intense and slightly overpowered the mild creamy, milky taste of the mozzarella.


We also decided to try with some of the non-mozzarella startes. These were grilled artichokes in olive oil and Caponata. Caponata is a Sicilian aubergine dish with nuts and capers. The dishes were simple but tasty. I did have a complaint about the portion sizes though, which were extremely small considering the prices.


For mains, I got the Tartafo di San Miniato, one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had in a while. Spindly, skinny spaghetti with charcoal roasted ricotta, mozzarella and a generous splash of truffle oil, finished with some truffle mushroom slices.


We finished with the dessert tasting platter. The choco-almond cake and the ricotta strawberry chessecake were both decent, but what stole the show was the tiramisu. It was creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness with just the right balance of coffee and cocoa. Even my friend who isn’t a fan of coffee found the tiramisu to be wonderful, which says a lot.


The Mozzarella section on here is a must try for all. The 1 kilogram ball of the majestic cheese served as a sharer for big groups is quite special! The small plates aren’t value for money but the pastas and desserts are reasonably good and worth trying if you’re bored of eating just mozzarella (if that even is a problem of someone!)


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