Shaka Zulu

Why go here:

To have Braai cuisine in a South African themed underground restaurant complete with 60 feet tall warrior statues.

What it looks like:

The restaurant is probably the largest I have ever seen. They have escalators to take you from the entrance to the bar and then down to the dining area. Wood-carved armies of Zulu warriors, walls with African reliefs and plenty of real-looking animal models, including a tiger right by the bathroom entrance.



The food:

The menu includes grilled game and steaks as well as more traditional Braai preparations. We ordered a few dishes to share. The first was the Zebra fillet served with a red wine jus and fries. The meat was cooked medium rare and was quite tender but I felt that greens or more tomatoes would have been better sides instead of fried for the already heavy dish.



 Next was the Lamb Bobotie. This traditional dish came in a pot of mince cooked in Cape Malay spices and a creamy, egg-based topping and served with rice. The lamb was much better than the zebra but the spices in the lamb were pretty mild, which meant that the dish tasted more like a creamy Italian chicken casserole. There was a mango dip on the side but I found it to be too similar to the Indian style mango chutney and didn’t think it complimented the lamb much.  


The final dish was the spit roast of the day which was roast suckling pig which was our favourite. The meat was juicy and the skin was crisp. It was served with Chakalaka, a South African style relish made with lots of onions, garlic, tomatoes and chilli.


Dessert was an array of ice creams- vanilla bean, dark chocolate, banana,  mango, butterscotch etc.



Shaka Zulu is quite overwhelming- the size of the place and the elaborate décor  are really impressive and you feel like you’re at some grand movie set. The food isn’t as authentic but you can try a wide range of meats from crocodile to zebra. If you’re not as fussy as me, you’ll really enjoy dining here and if you are, the vibes and the look make up for any complaints you might have with the food!


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