Why go here:

For traditional Korean BBQ served in glam settings in Soho

What it looks like:

Unlike London’s other Korean joints which are mostly canteen-like and run in small homely spaces, Koba is a modern restaurant with wooden panelling along the roof, a black and golden color scheme and an elegant decor. The tables come fitted with grills and the place is always buzzing not just with the voices of the excited diners but also with the sizzling sounds of the BBQs from all the tables. Personally, I could not have asked for any better background music!

The food:

We started our meal with Kanpooggi- the famous Korean style stir-fried chicken which was served with a sweet chilli sauce and Pajeon- Korean pancakes made with spring onions and chopped seafood. My friend who has been to Korea  confirmed that the quality and the taste of the Kanpooggi here was similar to what she had in Korea.


The Pajeon was fluffy and with a crisp exterior and a soft and chewy interior, and was packed with chopped prawns and scallops. Yum!

For mains, we tried the Daeji Bulgogi and the Seafood Bibimbap, a Korean fried rice prepared in a hot stone pot and topped with a runny egg.


The Daeji Bulgogi was spicy, marinated pork barbecued at our table.


Both were delicious, although I did feel that Bibimbap could have been a bigger portion size considering the price. Kimchi was also not included and had to be ordered separately, something that’s unheard of in traditional Korean restaurants.



Koba is a bit pricey in comparison to its more traditional, smaller counterparts but it definitely doesn’t compromise on quality and is a must try if you wish to enjoy some delicious Korean BBQ prepared right before your eyes and at your table- a true sensory delight in every way!