Rum Kitchen

Why go here:

If you feel like eating at a Caribbean beach hut.

What it looks like:

It looks like a wooden shack with colorful lights, cheerful posters and a reggae soundtrack. There’s definitely that vibe that you’re out on a holiday in the Caribbean.


The food:

You can try all sorts of Caribbean classics and fun all-rum cocktails (hint’s in the name) at this Soho eatery. I went all out and ordered the Double Jerk Chicken Burger which comes partnered¬†with a scotch bonnet-flavoured mayo. The chicken was spicy and juicy and the skin was caramelised to just the right level. The sweet brioche buns and the fresh tomatoes offered a good balance to the heat of the chicken.


My friend ordered the Jerk and Ting Chicken stack which is a better option for those with a lower tolerance for chillies since the rice, peas and slaw served in the dish help offset the spicy scotch bonnet better.


The cocktails were nice and refreshing but were pretty generic in my opinion. I would have expected to more Caribbean themed, tropical cocktails on the menu but the found it to be lacking on the adventurous and experimental side of things.

IMG_8246 IMG_8247


Go here with friends, order the jerk chicken and tuck in, if needed with your hands. This really is some finger licking good chicken!