Why go here:

If you want to try modern Polish food and many different varieties of flavoured Vodka.

What it looks like:

Less than a stone’s throw away from the Southwark station, you enter the restaurant through a dimly lit bar which leads to their big modern dining hall with a very high ceiling, colorful skylights, wooden beams and a minimal, no clutter decor. I went here during Christmas time and found there to be only one christmas tree with some fairy lights in it- no tinsel, no stars and no glitter, which was a welcome change to the gaudy decor I’d spotted at most other venues.


The food:

I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond lots of potato and cabbage since that’s what traditional Polish food is known for. But Baltic’s modern take on Polish food was definitely a sweet surprise. The starter consisted of Buckwheat Blinis served with smoked salmon and sour cream. The blinis were big, soft and warm and very filling.


Before moving onto the main course, we had our first shot of vodka which was the Rhubarb and Apple flavoured vodka. The shot was very fruity and sweet albeit quiet strong.

Then came main course. I ordered the roast duck leg with figs, apples and braised red cabbage. The sweet, warm sauces of the fig, apple and cabbage side really complimented the duck well and the cabbage didn’t have its standard strong smell due to being braised in a rich, red wine and soy sauce.


Then came the second round of vodka, this time in the Orange and Spice flavour, followed by which we got onto dessert. Mine was a caramelised hazelnut parfait with a pear compote and my friend ordered the Rum marinated Plums in dark Chocolate Mousse. The desserts were both extremely indulgent and the combinations of components while unique, worked really well together.

The meal ended with some more vodka including caramel, honey, passionfruit and other flavours. Be careful though- the vodka is so sweet and delicious, you don’t realise how much you end up drinking..


Go here to change your notion of Polish food and experience the interesting flavours modern Polish cuisine has on offer and remember to have your drinking hat on- since there will be a lot of vodka to get through…