Why go here:

For the steak, sourced all the way from Argentina. The waitress even gives you a little walkthrough of the different cuts available and gives her recommendations on how they should be had – well done, medium or rare (although my friends forgot her recommendations soon after she left, information overload apparently).

What it looks like:

The restaurant is dimly lit and kitted with plush couches and velvet curtains. Would be good to have some instrumental music in the background to add to the feel because we almost felt guilty every time our cutlery touched our plates and were whispering to avoid being overheard. I should mention here that we visited the restaurant at about 9 pm, so maybe they did have music on earlier..


The food:

I tried the Ecuadorian Ceviche since I wanted to compare it to the Peruvian ceviche I had tried before. The main difference is with the tiger’s milk being replaced with a roasted tomato and pepper sauce with onion, that reminded me of Italian flavours but the chilled prawns and the cool, creamy avocado slices definitely positively set it apart.


Ecuadorian ceviche- the avacado makes all the difference

For mains, I opted for the Braised Shoulder of Lamb. The lamb shoulder was of a  very generous cut.and cooked perfectly, so that the skin outside was crispy while the meat inside was a dark onion pink and oh so juicy!

The side of glazed broccoli and celery wasn’t bad but a sauce/puree might have made a better accompaniment since the long celery sticks were tricky to eat and every time I spent 3 minutes chewing on one of those sticks, I was missing being able to tuck into that succulent lamb. But if you’re not as impatient as me, this won’t bother you.


Braised Lamb Shoulder with glazed celery and broccoli


Argentinian steak and other Latin American dishes executed with a few but quality ingredients. Must visit if you like steak but not if you’re looking to try typical South American cuisine, since the choice with dishes beyond steak is limited.