City Social

Why go here:

For a sophisticated, luxurious dining experience with stunning views of the City.

What it looks like:

Overlooking the Gherkin and housed high up on the 24th Floor of Tower 42, the old Natwest Tower, the restaurant is an embodiment of sophistication. Leather booths, spotlights being shone on tables and overlooking London’s landmark skyscrapers.


The bathrooms were particularly cool, with dressing mirrors and comfy stools set right by the all glass wall panels, so that you can enjoy the panoramic views while touching up your makeup!


The food:

The dishes here are mostly works of art- in terms of ingredients, techniques and presentation. The Chestnut Tagliatelle with smoked chestnuts and butternut squash came with a silky sage-infused with veloute. The tagliatelle was the softest, most flavourful I’d ever had.


The seafood linguine was dished with an abundance of fresh seafood and their tongue tantalising juices formed a beautifully fragrant sauce.


The ‘Navnon’ of lamb was a bit surprising since I had expected a big bowl of lamb casserole with seasonal vegetables. Instead, I was served a juicy lamb fillet with a drizzle of mint sauce and caramelised shallots, all topped with a crispy bacon crumb.

You have to get the desserts here. Every single item on the desserts menu looked great but based on recommendations from the waitress, we went for the Peanut , Banana and Chocolate ‘Old-fashioned’ and the Lemon & Vanilla Tart. The Old -fashioned came with an utterly scrumptious peanut butter parfait and a rich dark, chocolate ganache and freshly made banana ice cream.


The lemon and vanilla tart was sweet and not too tangy and the fennel in the accompanying yoghurt sorbet had an unusual flavour but complemented the lemon tart well.


Service was also very attentive with our glasses and bread baskets getting topped up seamlessly.


You should go to City Social if you’re looking to try food that looks like masterpieces of art and is of Michelin star quality, while enjoying spectacular views of London in superbly luxurious settings.


Oxo Tower

Why go here:

To have modern European food while enjoying one of the best rooftop views that London has to offer.

What it looks like:

The restaurant does have a bar but the focus is clearly on the dining. The tables are set in long straight lines, parallel to the all glass walls which offer killer views of the city.We could see St. Paul’s and other surrounding iconic structures from our table.


The restaurant ceiling is laced with neon blue lights which adds to the cool and classy element of the venue, although it did render the pictures of my food all blue…


Service was fast and efficient and the waiters ensured that our wine glasses were always topped up.

The food:

The dishes are all elaborate and well presented but prices definitely feel skewed. I ordered a starter of canelloni made with crab, sweet potato and chestnuts. The flavours were good but the delicate taste of the crab meat felt somewhat masked by the strong and earthy flavour of the sweet potato. For mains, I ordered the Turbot served with a spiced crab box, kohlrabi fondant and choi sum.


Again, I found the Turbot, which should have been the star of the dish, to be somewhat underwhelming because it was a bit bland. On the positive side, the crab box was utterly delicious – the spices were fragrant and warm and the crab meat was very tender and sweet. The marinated crab meat had been shaped into a box and then deep-fried to produce this crispy little delight. I didn’t feel that it tied that well with the Turbot though. The dish seemed disjointed overall.

The desert was definitely my favourite course. It consisted of 8 different components, all of which were made with chocolate and all made to perfection. There was a chocolate pistachio mousse, a chocolate earl grey fondant, a balsamic and chocolate ganache and a chocolate orange tart amongst others. The price tag for this dish was the only one that felt justified.



Go here for the views and if you’re willing to splash the cash to impress that special someone. Not one for the foodies unless you’re only planning on eating desserts!